Looking to Make a Leadership Leap? 4 Tips for Considering Your Next Career Steps.


BRIAN BILLINGSLEY CONTRIBUTOR CEO of Klarna North America“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat. You just get on.” As Eric Schmidt once told Sheryl Sandberg when she debated whether or not to join Google, the decision should be that simple.

Every leader will reach a point when an attractive career opportunity looms on the horizon. When you’re in a comfortable space, your salary is good and you enjoy your work and colleagues, how do you know when it’s the right time to take on a new role? Or whether you’ve found yourrocket ship?

I had to ask myself these questions before I made the move to my current position as CEO for the North American division of Klarna, a Swedish e-payments company. I know I made the right decision — and I learned a few important lessons along the way.

1. Get familiar with your inner leader

What makes you excited for work? It’s time to assess and be honest with yourself about what really makes you tick, and let that be your guide.

I’d worked for very established organizations that, because of their size and stature, typically operated at a slower pace than I was interested in. I was ultimately looking for a fast-paced environment where I had control over the strategy and execution — and I’d have only myself to hold accountable for failures and successes.

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The Truth About Hormonal Imbalance Myths with Dr. Amadi

TopDoc Radio Dr Hepsharat AmadiDr. Amadi is a practicing physician whose focus is disease prevention and holistic medicine. She talks with our host to discuss the various misconceptions surrounding hormonal imbalances.
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Empowering Women: In Life and Health with Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

TopDoc Radio Logo PSDDr. Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, FACP, the 2014-2015 National President of the American Medical Women’s Association, graduated summa cum laude and with University Honors in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from the University of Central Florida. She completed medical school at The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She founded and opened her own concierge, hybrid medical practice in 2008 after practicing in a traditional setting for 5 years. Her innovative, creative approach to medical practice allows her to efficiently fuse traditional clinical practice with technology.

Dr. Haffizulla was recently featured in “Practice Link” magazine’s Winter 2014 edition featuring her medical practice and work/life balance techniques. Dr. Haffizulla has earned several awards including a Quality First Award from the Florida Healthcare Coalition, a leading physician of the world award from The International Association of Healthcare Professionals and was selected as an outstanding woman in healthcare by the International Women’s Leadership Association.

Dr. Haffizulla served as the President of the South Florida chapter of AMWA and she founded national AMWA’s fellowship program and the Preventive Medicine Task Force. She has also served as the fundraising co-chair and as a member of governance, finance, membership and global outreach committees.

She is also a nationally recognized speaker and expert on work/life balance and published “Harmony of the Spheres: Career, Family and Community” in 2011. She also founded and runs a work/life balance site BusyMomMD.com. She was a guest on several radio shows and has been invited as keynote speaker at several local and national events. She lives in South Florida with her husband Dr. Jason Haffizulla and her four children Zarina, Anisa, Nadia and Adam.

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Thyroid Cancer and Nutrition Prevention with Dr. Elena Acquisto-Treaster

TopDoc Radio Logo PSDAccording to the American Cancer Society – since January 1st, 2015, an estimated 62,450 people have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Contradicting to most other diseases and cancer, Thyroid cancer is more commonly diagnosed at a younger age – nearly 2/3rds of diagnosis are made to men & women younger than 55 years old – 2% of those being teens or children. Although diagnoses have risen significantly within the US in recent years, fatalities from this cancer have been considerably stable for many years – in comparison to other cancers.

Being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer herself, Dr. Elena M. Acquisto-Treaster has been on a mission to better understand how she was susceptible to the cancer, especially since there was never a diagnosis previously in her family. Since her diagnosis, she’s begun several research studies working alongside of chiropractors, and encouraging them to check their patients for enlarged thyroids. With her research, Dr. Acquisto-Treaster is on a mission to defeat Thyroid Cancer and spread has much information as she can about the ailment.

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