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patients5Aimed at serving the physicians’ needs irrespective of healthcare specialty, the new Findatopdoc Review Kiosk launched by, is designed as a convenient, easy, in-office review system that acquires patient reviews in real-time immediately after an appointment. The app is accessed by patients from a kiosk placed on the checkout counter to get their reviews within seconds after their visit, which is the main reason why this particular application is thought to be revolutionizing, efficient, patient friendly, and leading-edge. With 72% of consumers trusting online reviews just as much as personal recommendations and 90% of people reading reviews when they want to buy a product or book a doctor’s appointment, it is of most importance that physicians are prepared to have enough positive reviews when patients are looking for them.

According to, the newly launched Review Kiosk assist patients with finding doctors in their area and book appointments online instantly. The doctor, as well as their assistants, nurse practitioners, and other support staff, get reviewed instantly employing a star rating system and extremely effective video platform. As the online world becomes more pervasive, reputations are ever more built and managed on the Internet, which is why the Findatopdoc Review Kiosk is a tool that no doctor should miss out on. The reviews are automatically syndicated on the doctor’s personal and business websites, social media outlets, Facebook pages, You Tube channel, and all findatopdoc web properties. Doctors need it because of its convenience and extraordinary syndication possibilities. It is a tool that needs to become a integral part of any doctor’s office.

Grace Schneider, the Liaison Manager of, states that “the way the kiosk was created maintains a high volume of reviews that are current and overwhelmingly positive consistently being published on the Internet. As a physician, your name and reputation are priceless and something you have worked very hard at so you must protect it. The kiosk we’ve created protects your online reputation by monitoring existing reviews, collecting new reviews, and pushing new reviews across the web – exactly where they need to be.

The Findatopdoc Review Kiosk is made for physicians to understand that the Internet is definitely not going anywhere and there is no way to go around it. The only way is to take advantage of its many benefits. Although a lot of doctors are reticent of how patients use the internet to self-diagnose, and also find new healthcare providers, if they wish to maintain steady revenue, they have to embrace the internet and see that the tide is changing and the Internet is the best wave to ride right now. While most doctors don’t agree that online reviews are an accurate quality-indicator of their abilities and skills, they need to see that the only way to conceal random bad reviews is to maintain a steady flow of good ones. Since many physicians consider that their revenue and success should be directly correlated to their merit, as well as clinical and academic achievements, the Findatopdoc Review Kiosk also delivers that information and meets fully the physicians’ needs.

The app review is the result of assiduous work on the part of the experts in SEO and online marketing. This is significantly different than just any other simple app in the field. It is a complete reputation management system with unlimited support. It is very similar to having a full-time marketing professional at your disposal to help you with all of your marketing and promotional needs. It is time for physicians to stop neglecting the business side of their work and treat themselves as a small business, which is what they are, in fact. Their reputation is the foundation of this approach and therefore it becomes a full time job itself. With the Review Kiosk that offers, doctors can focus on doing what they do best, being excellent doctors, and allow the kiosk to work on their online reputation management efficiently, securely, and conveniently.

With new healthcare technologies emerging every day and rapid scientific advances taking place at a fast pace, physicians are increasingly pressed to adapt to society’s changes & challenges and the escalating need to deliver effective patient care as patients have also grown more demanding and have developed higher expectations. Feeding positive patient reviews in real-time right from the office is what the Findatopdoc Review Kiosk is all about. For more information about this new and exciting product launched, please visit


FindaTopDoc is a service that helps patients find doctors in their area and book appointments online instantly. At, we believe that seeing a doctor should be simple, fast and work around your schedule. 

In addition to helping millions of patients find and book doctor’s appointments, FindaTopDoc is also a leading provider of valuable health information that helps empower you as a patient, while enabling you to live a happier and healthier life. 

Booking a doctor on is always completely free and available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week, from any location across the globe

Visit for more information about our service.


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