AnthonyAnthony Casimano is a successful entrepreneur and active influencer, highly sought-after sales and marketing executive, and well-versed direct marketing expert, recognized for his ability to take businesses from zero to tens of millions with little resources. He currently employs his phenomenal body of work in his roles as Founding Partner of Find a Top Doc, a service that helps patients find doctors in their area and book appointments online instantly, and also as President of Metro Data and Mailing Inc, a full service Direct Mail, Data Processing and Fulfillment company dedicated to getting clients’ mail to their target market on time and on budget. Equipped with innate entrepreneurial capabilities, Anthony Casimano accrued over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and strategic planning. He spent a decade specifically in the healthcare arena, which contributed to his tremendous amount of success.

Generic_SalesWordCloud_992x774-1As one of the co-founders of the incredibly thriving Find a Top Doc service, Anthony Casimano has been charged to implement and manage the national sales force extending this exceptionally efficient platform to doctors and healthcare providers across North America. He attributes his success with startups and running big organizations to his direct marketing and sales systems background that expanded into the infancy stages of the digital world in the mid 1990s  The elite marketing and sales abilities developed during those times of brilliant innovation and creativity have coined him as one of the pioneers of today’s digital marketing era. Furthermore, Anthony is a specialist in telephone speech, manner, and presentations, a vital component to success. He has a natural ability to identify what people want to hear and see, which has allowed him to operate with an edge over his competition.

BeDifferentAs an entrepreneur, Anthony Casimano demonstrates exceptional organizational and communication skills, which he employs to nurture a unique and extremely effective management style. Having employed thousands of people over the years, he possesses a strong ability to connect on a one-on-one basis with each and every one of his always loyal team. Anthony’s inviting warmth, as well as his instinct to feel responsible for others make new business contacts feel at ease and has also made him a good friend for many of his business associates. Very selective in his choice of new clients, he regularly receives requests through word-of-mouth to help businesses set up from zero to thriving companies. Anthony’s love and passion for what he does has led him to occasionally deliver small seminars to select groups on topics he masters, such as personal and business internet branding, marketing, and positioning. He teaches how to identify your brand objectives, and how to establish a plan to accomplish them.

Topdoc_vs3Find a Top Doc is one of Anthony’s greatest accomplishments. It is a web-based practice management software integrated with server-based applications, syncing appointment calendars after driving patients via internet search traffic within a designated geographic area to a doctor’s real time available appointments. The mission is to ultimately give the offices the opportunity to maintain a full calendar and maximize their revenue. Established in 2008 in New York, Find a Top Doc has its roots back in 2005 when Anthony began identifying the needs of doctors as entrepreneurs. He was cognizant of the hard work, and years of schooling required to become a doctor, and then he thought, “It’s hard enough for a Doctor to be a Doctor.”. That left him with some questions. When does a Doctor have time to run a business? When does a Doctor have time to establish and maintain his or her Internet presence, brand, and online reputation? These essential questions eventually contributed to the foundation of Find a Top Doc, a service where seeing a doctor is made simple, fast, and easy to work around patients’ schedule. In addition to helping millions of patients find and book doctor’s appointments, FindaTopDoc is also a leading provider of valuable health information that helps empower patients, while enabling them to live a happier and healthier life. Booking a doctor on FindaTopDoc.com is always completely free and available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week, from any location across the globe.

metroIn 1995, Anthony Casimano became the President of Metro Data & Mailing Inc, also known as MDM. The Company provides complete direct mail, data processing and fulfillment services focusing on getting mail to target markets on time and on budget. MDM has been servicing the business, financial and non-profit sectors for nearly two decades. In that time, it has helped customers save on their marketing costs tremendously. MDM’s 20,000 sq. ft. facility handles any size campaign with the latest equipment and proven technology in direct mail production.


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