Chiropractic During Pregnancy: Know the Benefits and Safety

Meta: Pregnant and struggling with pain in your back or hip? Visit a chiropractor. Learn here about the benefits and safety of chiropractic care during pregnancy.chiropractic-care-during-preganancy-2

No doubt, every good thing comes with a price tag. But this, in no way, means you should go through all the painful experiences to achieve it. In essence, “no pain no gain” might be a bit old of an approach, especially when you are expecting a baby. While some kinds of pains may be far from a cure, you can get a relief from some pains by using chiropractic. The use of chiropractic during pregnancy is more common than you think.

A Quick Overview of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a complementary medicine. It works on the principle that our health and spinal alignment are closely linked through the nervous system. Meaning, common ailments such as the pain in the muscles and bones can be relieved by adjusting the spine to its natural position. Chiropractic is very popular in the US where millions of Americans use it to treat back pain.

What Are the Benefits of Using Chiropractic During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of celebration for the entire family. Nonetheless, it comes with its own share of health problems for women. In fact, nearly 50% of pregnant women report experiencing pain in the back and hips. Likewise, up to 75% of them experience back pain during labor. Considering this, chiropractic can be a great way not just to relieve the pain but also to facilitate easy delivery and reduce the risk of labor complications.

Another reason why you should consider using chiropractic during pregnancy is that it may also help your unborn baby. Here are a few things you should know.

  • When your pelvis is not aligned properly, it can limit movement of the baby inside the womb. In an extreme case of limited mobility, the child may be born with a defect. Chiropractic helps to keep the spine and pelvis aligned in a proper position. Hence, the risk of such type of complication is lowered.
  • Also, the misaligned pelvis could be a reason for a breech birth or complicated delivery.

Chiropractic During Pregnancy: What Do Studies Say?

Luckily, the results of many scientific studies support the use of chiropractic during pregnancy. There is no denying that back pain is a very common problem during pregnancy. And considering the demonstrated benefits of chiropractic in providing the relief, talk to a chiropractor if the pain is affecting your daily life activities.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine reports three-fourths of women using chiropractic during pregnancy achieved desired relief from pain. In a similar manner, women who used chiropractic during pregnancy experienced significantly shorter labor times.

How Can Chiropractic During Pregnancy Help?

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physical and hormonal changes. For example, weight gain, bulging belly, increased curvature of the back, and pelvic changes. These changes may lead to some problems with the posture and thus affect the spinal alignment.

One of the most notable hormones released during pregnancy is relaxin. As the name suggests, the hormone relaxes the ligaments in the body. In fact, its main function is to loosen the ligaments that support the pelvis. But, in the process, it also loosens other ligaments and that may result in spinal misalignment. Likewise, higher levels of other female hormones like progesterone and estrogen cause further destabilization of the spine. As a result, you may experience pain and muscle spasms.

This is exactly where chiropractic can provide a relief from pain. A licensed chiropractor helps to keep the spine aligned and thus alleviate the pain. In addition, they can also teach you customized exercise to facilitate easy delivery.

When To Use Chiropractic During Pregnancy

You may use chiropractic during any phase of pregnancy. Be it the first, second or third trimester. It depends on the pain severity, your general health, and response to the treatment by a chiropractor. In any case, consult your doctor in advance.

Is Using Chiropractic During Pregnancy Safe?

As a matter of fact, Chiropractic does not involve the use of any medications or surgical procedures. Thus, its margin of safety is very high. Moreover, the risk of complications is minimal. Many doctors consider the use of chiropractic during pregnancy to be safe and effective.

But, remember to consult your doctor before visiting a chiropractor. Furthermore, take extra care to inform your doctor if you have any of the following conditions.

  • Bleeding from the vagina.
  • Placenta previa. A condition where the placenta spreads over the cervix thus obstructing the delivery.
  • An ectopic pregnancy where the fertilized egg attaches to the surface other than the uterus.
  • High blood pressure.

Things to Know

  • First of all, consult your doctor before visiting a chiropractor. If possible, search for the chiropractor who has a special training in pregnancy and pediatric care. It would be the best if you, your doctor and the chiropractor sit together and plan a collaborative strategy.
  • Find out if your health plan covers the cost of such consultation or treatment approach. Some health plans may cover only a portion of it while others may cover the entire amount.
  • Chiropractic during pregnancy may be useful to lower labor times, prevent complications and ensure an easy delivery. Some studies suggest it may also cut down the risk of birth defects and a breech birth.
  • Women with certain health problems should use chiropractic. Commonly, these include high blood pressure and vaginal bleeding.

Want To Know More?

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