Tablet Usage by Physicians: Innovation To Boost Productivity?

Tablet usage by physicians has witnessed a never-before-seen growth in the last few years. Is it leading us to a new wave of medical mobility? Read more here.

Tablets are handheld mobile devices that offer a number of benefits to physicians. While the corporate world embraced this mobile technology early, the medical community is yet to fully recognize its benefits. Nevertheless, the rising trends indicate massive growth in tablet usage by physicians.

One reason for this delay in adoption of the mobile technology could be the sensitivity issues of health and the need for accurate information. Most notably, you cannot afford to miss even a very fine detail when the issue is something as sensitive as health.

More and more physicians are using mobile devices like tablets in both clinical practices as well as education.

What Surveys Say About Tablet Usage by Physicians?

  • June 2012 Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption Study: An estimated 66% of doctors own a tablet computer, which 54% use in their practices.
  • April 2016 Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice: “The use of mobile smart devices and medical apps in the family practice setting”. In this study, nearly all the family physicianswere found to utilize smartphone and/or tablet during daily practice to communicate with the patients and research health information.
  • Sep 2012 Colorectal Disease: “A survey of smartphone and tablet computer use by colorectal surgeons in the UK and Continental Europe”. This survey suggests the use of tablet and smartphone to access medical information was more common in younger surgeons.
  • Feb 2013 Journal of Medical Systems: “Mobile tablet use among academic physicians and trainees”. Physicians using tablets accounted for 40% of the total number of study participants. In addition, iPad topped the list of the most preferred tablets.
  • Feb 2014 Journal of The American College of Radiology: “Resident iPad use: has it really changed the game?” It reveals resident educators utilize iPad for both learning and educating others about the matters related to radiology. However, their use is in the clinical practice is limited.

What Are The Drivers Of Increasing Trends in Tablet Usage by Physicians?

There are various factors that play a key role in promoting the use of tablets among the physicians. They are:

  • Enhanced communication capabilities: Mobile devices in healthcare offer physicians a number of ways that bring them closer to the patients. These include voice calling, video conferencing, text, and email. In addition, tablets also provide a better way to communicate using the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Easy and real-time access to hospital information systems (HISs): Physicians using tablets can access the patient or other relevant information at the point of care. Electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), clinical decision support systems (CDSSs), picture archiving and communication systems (PACSs), and laboratory information systems (LISs) are all reachable with just a touch on the tablet screen.
  • Get updated health information on the go: Nowadays, the physicians do not have to rely on the piles of books or a slow-processing desktop to know about the most current medical news. Moreover, the mobile devices in healthcare have simplified the way how they gather information relating a particular medication or a case. In turn, this saves their time and takes less effort. They can read textbooks, guidelines, medical literature and drug references right away. What’s more exciting is the information on the web are timely updated. Ultimately, it makes the information more accurate with the possibility of bringing better outcomes.
  • Utilization of clinical software applications: Physicians can download a wide range of medical software or mobile apps on their tablets. These tools simplify the calculations, help to make better diagnosis aids, and increase their efficiency.

Tablet Usage by Physicians: What Are the Top 3 Activities?

  • Send and receive emails: Nearly 75% of physicians are using tablets to communicate with patients or their peers.
  • Access Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR): 70% of physicians use tablets to retrieve the information in EHR or EMR.
  • Researching health or medical related information: Approximately 68% of physicians find relevant medical information from various online sources using tablets.

How Increased Tablet Usage by Physicians Creates A Win-Win Situation For Both Physicians and Patients

The benefits of using tablets in clinical practice are great, to say the least. Interestingly, both patients and physicians can reap the benefits.

As for patients, such practice can enhance their doctor visit experience. Furthermore, it can also help reduce the number of medication errors. Imagine a scenario where you will not have to visit the doctor’s office to confirm the diagnosis or consult about the doses of a medication.

In essence, it makes are mote doctor visit an awesome experience. Notably, it can also help optimize the treatment outcomes. That way, both the parties can enjoy greater benefits within a short time and with little efforts.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. The mobile health revolution is poised to transform the way healthcare system functions. No doubt, every member in the chain will go through the changes.

In future, we can expect many more innovative mobile technologies to appear. In addition, tablets are going to be more powerful and energy-efficient. Loaded with new features and medical apps, they will change the face of the healthcare practice, delivery, and every other related aspect. Thanks to CEO Anthony Casimano, doctors can turn to to connect with their patients and other physicians alike.

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