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26 percent of patients that have insurance are willing to go out of network to see a physician that has better reviews.

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10 Dos and Don’ts When Launching a Business


If you’re ready to get your business off the ground but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are five do’s and five don’ts, based on interviews with dozens of successful side business owners.


1. Make sure you’re ready.

Do you worry about losing your job? Do you wish you could earn more money? Is your full-time job and personal life stable enough that you can dedicate at least one to two hours a week to a new pursuit? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then it’s time to consider launching your own venture.

2. Choose the right business for you.

Side businesses generally fall into six primary categories: creating products, providing services, running a business, helping others, doing physical work and performing. Take time to do a self-assessment of your own talents, interests and skills to see what might work best for you, and where you’re most likely to find customers.

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Empower Yourself With Medical Hypnosis – Dr. Hillel Mazansky


For the last 16 years Dr. Hillil Mazansky has studied the field of complementary medicine ever since he has explored the fields of Longevity Medicine and Hypnosis.

Although some people might associate Hypnosis with magicians and therapists, the idea of relaxing your mind and harnessing that energy towards easing chronic or acute pain is a practice that has shown promising results. In one study during the late 1990’s, the National Institutes of Health discovered that hypnosis, used properly, was able to ease pain that was experienced by Cancer patients. In addition to Cancer patients, hypnosis has also benefited patients who have experienced Burns, Rheumatoid arthritis, Anxiety, and much more. Even post-surgery hypnosis has proven to expedite the recovery process.

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10 Website Design Tips for Your Small Business [Deluxe.com]

Top-10-1024x681Research shows that the first place the vast majority of consumers turn for information on local businesses is the Internet. That means your customers and prospects are looking for you online, from their laptops as well as tablets and mobile devices. In other words, your business needs to be online.

Whether you have a website that needs to be improved, or don’t yet have a website, be sure to apply these 10 tips to help you get the website your business needs and deserves.

1. Incorporate Keywords

In order for search engines to understand what’s on your page and better connect you to potential visitors, you need to have your most important information (keywords) included in your website. These typically are embedded during the meta-tagging process in the following three key areas:

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