Thyroid Cancer and Nutrition Prevention with Dr. Elena Acquisto-Treaster

TopDoc Radio Logo PSDAccording to the American Cancer Society – since January 1st, 2015, an estimated 62,450 people have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Contradicting to most other diseases and cancer, Thyroid cancer is more commonly diagnosed at a younger age – nearly 2/3rds of diagnosis are made to men & women younger than 55 years old – 2% of those being teens or children. Although diagnoses have risen significantly within the US in recent years, fatalities from this cancer have been considerably stable for many years – in comparison to other cancers.

Being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer herself, Dr. Elena M. Acquisto-Treaster has been on a mission to better understand how she was susceptible to the cancer, especially since there was never a diagnosis previously in her family. Since her diagnosis, she’s begun several research studies working alongside of chiropractors, and encouraging them to check their patients for enlarged thyroids. With her research, Dr. Acquisto-Treaster is on a mission to defeat Thyroid Cancer and spread has much information as she can about the ailment.

Listen now!


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