Sales Expert

Marketing-ModelAs one of the co-founders of the incredibly thriving Find a Top Doc service, Anthony Casimano has been charged to implement and manage the national sales force extending this exceptionally efficient platform to doctors and healthcare providers across North America. He attributes his success with startups and running big organizations to his direct marketing and sales systems background that expanded into the infancy stages of the digital world in the mid 1990s. The elite marketing and sales abilities developed during those times of brilliant innovation and creativity have coined him as one of the pioneers of today’s digital marketing era. Furthermore, Anthony is a specialist in telephone speech, manner, and presentations, a vital component to success. He has a natural ability to identify what people want to hear and see, which has allowed him to operate with an edge over his competition.


Manage your online reputation


The FindaTopDoc Review Kiosk is the result of assiduous work on the part of the experts in SEO and online marketing. This is significantly different than just any other simple app in the field. It is a complete reputation management system with unlimited support. It is very similar to having a full-time marketing professional at your disposal to help you with all of your marketing and promotional needs. It is time for physicians to stop neglecting the business side of their work and treat themselves as a small business, which is what they are, in fact. Their reputation is the foundation of this approach and therefore it becomes a full time job itself. With the application that offers, doctors can focus on doing what they do best, being excellent doctors, and allow the kiosk to work on their online reputation management efficiently, securely, and conveniently.

– Anthony Casimano

Internet reviews aren’t the future, they’re the now!

patients5With new healthcare technologies emerging every day and rapid scientific advances taking place at a fast pace, physicians are increasingly pressed to adapt to society’s changes and challenges and the escalating need to deliver effective patient care as patients have also grown more demanding and have developed higher expectations. Feeding positive patient reviews in real-time right from the office is what the Review Kiosk is all about. For more information about this new and exciting product launched, please visit – Anthony Casimano

Marketing Expert

marketingCloudAs an entrepreneur, Anthony Casimano demonstrates exceptional organizational and communication skills, which he employs to nurture a unique and extremely effective management style. Having employed thousands of people over the years, he possesses a strong ability to connect on a one-on-one basis with each and every one of his always loyal team. Anthony’s inviting warmth, as well as his instinct to feel responsible for others make new business contacts feel at ease and has also made him a good friend for many of his business associates. Very selective in his choice of new clients, he regularly receives requests through word-of-mouth to help businesses set up from zero to thriving companies. Anthony’s love and passion for what he does has led him to occasionally deliver small seminars to select groups on topics he masters, such as personal and business internet branding, marketing, and positioning. He teaches how to identify your brand objectives, and how to establish a plan to accomplish them.